Travis Larson 

As a young man my fondest recollections were the countless hours spent at my grandparent’s bait shop. We would often stand streamside behind the bait shop, as my grandfather would feed his “pet” trout which would erupt from the shadows of the boulders as Grandpa discarded the shop's dead minnows. It was here at the age of 10 that I also found my love of fly fishing,trout, and fly tying.  As the years passed and, in an effort, to carry out my grandfather’s legacy there has been very little that hasn’t revolved around fly fishing, trout or water leading me to form Hatch Run Fly Fishing in 2012.

Being located such a short drive from two highly productive tailwater fisheries, the Allegheny and Clarion Rivers it made the decision on where to concentrate my guiding efforts easy.

Shortly after in 2015, in a continuing effort to follow my dream and hone my skills as an angler and guide, I made the decision to move to Central Pennsylvania to work with Lance Wilt.. It was on these waters that I was forced to learn and practice the attention to detail I attribute much of my success to today. 

With the higher fish densities of the areas limestone streams came increased angling pressure, forcing guides and anglers alike to be “ dialed in” and versatile in a wide range of approaches and techniques. “ It’s this knowledge that benefits my clients most, allowing me to offer insight which is then applied to the ever changing conditions and situations encountered during a day on the water”. In 2016, as luck would have it, following my first season in central Pennsylvania I was also hired by a  Western New York based service to guide Steelhead and Brown Trout trips on the tributaries of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario aka (Steelhead Alley). Following the 2017 spring Steelhead season, he rejoined the guide crew in Southwestern Alaska at the Reel Action Alaska Lodge along the banks of the Kanektok River in Quinhigak AK.